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What is "Easy Send Service"

With Easy Send Service you can quickly upload your Files to our Costumer Service and get a specific duration and price offer for your Project.

We will also send you a Demo of your Project that you can hear the difference between raw and mixed.

Easy Send Service promises a quick and comfortable way to get your Data sent to our Studio. Don't matter if video or Audio. We can work with nearly every type of files. 

And this is the way to do it:

  1. Copy the email address right here -

  2. Click on the button below

  3. Insert our email address to the field "Send to"

  4. Enter your email address to the field "Your Email"

  5. You can enter a message if you want

  6. Click the Plus sign above

  7. Choose the files you want to send

  8. Click on the "Send" button

Now the upload starts. It may take some time to finish the sending caused on the Filesize and your Internet speed!

And this is it. We receive the Files as soon the Upload Finnishes.


You will get your personal offer within 3 Days. We are sorry for this duration, but we want to answer all request as good as possible. We want to do our best on every single project.



*If your file is bigger than 2 GB, send a message here, that we can share a private cloud-link to you.

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